Essay On Importance Of Education

Essay On Importance Of Education

Before you learn an essay on importance of education, get some basic knowledge of it that will help you to write it more perfectly. To face the modern world and to become a winner among all, no weapon can be better than education. Education is a tool that helps us to make our personality more perfect. It’s not only a tool but also a source of our strength.

You can’t deny the importance of education when it comes to your personality, attitude and how you introduce yourself to the society or world.

Even your carrier or job depends on your education or skills. undoubtedly, Skill is generated from education.

So, Today we will learn an essay on importance of education. We know there are many class divisions and in that rule, we have divided 50 words to 500 words. What you need you can take that easily.


 ➡ 50 Words Essay On Importance Of Education

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Education is very much important in our life. It develops our personality and makes us strong to communicate and many other things. Writing and reading are the main parts of education. We gain knowledge by reading and express our thought by writing. In these various ways, education helps us to be more perfect in everything


A man without education is like a building without foundation. An uneducated person feels the importance of education most when he crosses his study age. Without having education we have to face many problems. Even, we will not get any value in society if we remain illiterate. To teach society, to make ourselves perfect there is no way out without education.


Education teaches us to be perfect in communication. It improves and refines the speech of us. Even, we can’t use technology in the right way or in-depth if we don’t educate ourselves. It also brings a bright future. Without education, we can’t get a good job and a good salary. So, It is very important for everyone.


Education gives us a happy life and guides us on how to run our life easier. It makes our personality, attitude and gives perfect communication skills. We become more mature and understanding with the help of education. It makes us more logical and we become able to express our own view logically. These are the power of education and we are benefited by it.


To become successful and to compete in the modern world, education is like a weapon. We need skills to survive in the modern world. Education generates our skills. It develops our personality and good thinking. It helps our carrier to get a job and establish in our life. In a word, It plays a vital role in our life.

50 words essays are usually for kids. But if you need a unique essay apart from this article then you can make your own essay by these points. I hope these different points will help you to make a unique copy.

 ➡ Importance Of Education Essay (100 Words)

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Education begins in our home. So we call home is our first school. From our birth we start to learn new things, those are also part of education. It’s not like we can’t learn education apart from school. In every moment, what we learn, is called education.

Education is a tool that helps us to build our personality, attitude, and behavior. It also improves our communication skills, so we can introduce ourselves everywhere with no barrier. The main part of education is writing and reading by which we gain and express knowledge. Education also helps us with that. So you can imagine how important education is in one’s life.


Education is a very costly asset in one’s life. It encourages us to know about nature and the world. The knowledge that works, and we get knowledge from education. We get many challenges in our whole life, education helps us to overcome those challenges very easily. This is the only tool to succeed in the world.

Education is the only reason that an educated person becomes happier than an uneducated one. The modern world needs innovation in creativity and education helps to build it. We often dream to succeed in a field in our life. And it is education that enables us to bring that true.


We all know how important education is in our lives. Education is like a weapon by which we fight in our life. Education is considered a basic requirement for our life. What we want to do, learn and achieve, education plays as a common role for these. To set up our career and get a good job, education is mandatory.

Education is the only reason that an educated person is happier than an uneducated person. They enjoy their life more than uneducated people. To live in peace, we need to care for our health and education gives that knowledge to achieve. So, in a word, We can’t run a happy life without being educated in our life.


It’s said that education is the backbone of our nation. Not only the nation but also for personal development education is the only option. It leads the life in a happier and smoother way. It makes us logical and makes us able to understand practical life facts. It helps to differentiate between wrong and right.


To make a stable life is everyone’s dream. Education helps us to achieve our dream. It helps us to make our personality, attitude and logical and a good decision-maker. It also increases our thinking and communication power that the modern world needs. So, we can’t deny the importance of education in our life.


In such a competitive world, education has become mandatory for everyone. To survive in this competition you must be educated, otherwise, you will fall behind others. Getting a good job isn’t so much easy. Your education will measure your eligibility to give a job or to set a career.

Education helps a man to be disciplined and responsible. It also teaches you how to behave with others and with society. Your education is measured by your behavior and speak-tone. Education is the only reason that an educated person lives more happily than an uneducated person. Thus we can measure the importance of education in our life.

➡ 200 Words Essay On Importance Of Education


Education is the only weapon by which we can be stronger. In this competitive world, to make a happy living we must be educated. This is the only reason that an educated person becomes happier in their life than an uneducated person.

There are many reasons for which we called education as an essential requirement of our life. Education helps us to become successful in our life and make others dreams to come. For personnel development, attitude and to be a good leader, education is mandatory. You can lead the society if are educated and have developed your personality very well.

Education teaches us how to behave with others. It teaches us to be polite to others and animals too. This is the only thing that helps to remove all the superstitions from society and to proclaim the reality. We know there are many alternatives to everything but there is no alternative for education.

A quality education system of a country not only helps to survive well but also it decreases corruption and terrorism. It is education that helps a person to be disciplined and follow all the rules of society. A man gets fame by his credentials in society and education helps us to get that credentials.


Education and its practice make a man perfect. It’s not enough to be educated in society rather you have to practice what you have learned. Education is very much essential for both men and women to enjoy a beautiful life. It can remove all the superstitions and build peace in society.

This is the modern world which relies on the internet and various technology. These all have happened for educated people. The more educated society is the stronger the country will be. To become a strong country we need good technology, innovation in weapons and gadgets, etc. All have happened for educated people.

To talk about country strength, we are the real strength of the country. We need to develop our personality and build a creative mind. To set up a secured career we need to get a job and education helps us in that. 

Pollution is a big problem in almost every country. A strong educated society can raise their voice against that. They know the importance of a healthy and pure environment. It helps to increase our knowledge and our knowledge helps us to propagate into the whole world. So, you can think about how important education is in our life.


Education begins at home and for that home is called our first school. From there we started to learn education practically and hearing from our parents. Reading and writing are the basic things about education. Without these two we can’t get proper knowledge and go deep about any information.

For a career, education is very much important. For the reason, a well-educated person is probably going to get a good job. Uneducated people are in very disadvantageous and can’t enjoy their life without any barrier. The lack of proper education brings many problems in their life.

Communication is also a very important part of education. The more knowledge you have the more fluent you can speak to others. It improves one’s knowledge, skills and develops the personality. 

Undoubtedly, this is the age of technology. Education helps us to become better users of technology. Many new innovations in technology are coming and this has been possible only for education. Because education helps to broaden their creativity and discover innovations.

Well maturity comes with the measurement of your education. An educated person is he who can remove all superstitions from society and proclaim the reality. Thus education helps us to run our lives in the right way and rid us of all sophistication.

➡ 400 Words Essay On Importance Of Education

This is the age of science and technology. So, to run with this rushing world we need to be more updated with the world. Here education plays the main role. It helps us to see and perceive everything around us and beyond us. First of all, education teaches us to read and write by which we can gain and explore our knowledge. That means education makes any person literate.

There is no limitation of education, rather it is an ongoing process. What we learn from our childhood stays with us from death. It’s not only about going to school and read books, rather what we practically do or see is also belongs to education. Education gives us skills which help us to grow our life more effectively and help us to stay alive.

Education is very much important for employment. To set a career or to live a decent living we need a good job or to establish a good business. The more educated we are, the more good position in a job we can get. And Education is the only reason that a well-educated person becomes happier than an uneducated person in their life. As education gives the ability to see and understand everything. What to do and what not to do? Education teaches us that.

AS above mentioned this is the age of technology. You live in this age that doesn’t mean that you are advanced. Rather, you will become advanced and expert when you will be a better user of technology. Therefore without education, you can’t attain that position.

Education is very important to be rich in our life. Rich always doesn’t stand for money but rich from the mind, having a developed personality and attitude. Despite being educated the society is full of sophistication. Education helps us to fight against it. If any society is bounded by the sophistication that means that society is having a lack of proper education. So, education is very much important to be logical against these sophistications.

To improve our country or the world we need a good leader. Leaders need to spread their knowledge to people and show them the right path to follow by which they can also develop their life. Education helps in that as well. It gives us knowledge and a speech skill by which we can share our thoughts with the world or to the people of the society.

Long Explanation On Importance Of education

You can get some points from here and make your own Essay

Without education, life is like a walking stone. Education gives us the ability to live in a beautiful world with the most happiness. Home is the first school from where we start to learn everything and end up until our last breath. This is a common education that everybody gets. After that, we are taken to school and are involved in academic education.

Types Of Education

According to our system, there are three types of education. Those are~

  • Formal Education

Formal Education is one type of education or learning which is provided from an institution, school or college. After a certain age, every parent takes their children to school and their formal learning begins from then. For formal education, every student has to obey some strict rules, syllabus, time-table and they have to be disciplined too.

The formal education is given by some specialized teachers and they are bound to give their best to teach the students.

  • Informal Education

From your birth what you learn from nature, parents, friends, books, society, etc except school or any institution is called informal education. There are no certain rules for informal education. One can get this education from anywhere. No syllabus, time scheduled or anything is involved in this. This is also a strong part of education because learners are learning from their own and from practical experiences.

  • Non-formal Education

This education is specially provided to young adults, out of school students and for those who couldn’t attend school for some reason. There are many things which are included in it like adult training, family planning, aesthetic activities, etc. There is no certain place for this education. It may be placed at the fitness center, temple, in school buildings after school hours. Through this education young adults can achieve some extra skills.

Importance Of Education For individual

Education is the only tool to improve your life and make it brighter. It can also bring happiness to your life if you can use it in the right way. This is very much important for an individual. The more educated you are, the happier you will be in your life.

  • Achieve Knowledge

With the help of education, we can gain much information, facts, experiences, etc. we learn to read and write from education and that’s the beginning point of our learning. We become able to read books and gain proper knowledge. Also, we can understand our lives more effectively if we are educated and knowledgeable.

  • Improve Personality

Undoubtedly, Education helps us to improve our personality. An educated person knows very well how to behave with others, how to talk, and what approach should take if they face any problem. It makes us brave, confident and makes us able to fight against sophistication in society.

  • Increase Creativity

Without having some knowledge of anything we can’t imagine. Isn’t it? Education helps us to know about many things and we can execute this knowledge in our imagination. So, it helps us to be creative at anything. And education is the only reason that new innovations are coming to us and we can use these very efficiently.

  • Career

Career is a big part of our life. This is the age of competition and everybody has to struggle to live. Education makes it easy to get a secured job and make our life free of worries. Many ones choose business as their career and that also needs a good strategy to grow. Education helps to build a creative strategy and increase the ability to think.

  • Maintain Environment

The environment is in its critical stage. The pollution is increasing day by day. And to remove that pollution we have to more aware of those things which cause pollution. Only, an educated society can decide which things are good and which are bad. So, Every individual has to be more educated to protect this polluted environment.

Importance Of Education For Society

Society plays a vital role in education. It teaches many things to youngs and youngsters also have some responsibility to teach society. Education helps to differentiate between wrong and right. Thus an educated person has more contribution than others.

  • Unity

Education assists us to differentiate between wrong and right. It helps us to gather knowledge and to do work according to that valuable knowledge. All the educational persons have the same aim to gain knowledge and discuss it with others. Thus education helps to be united. All problems are solved easily when a team of educated people comes to solve that.

  • Socialization

As above mentioned education isn’t that what we learn only from school but from our birth to end. After parents, school, society gives us some teaching too and we can judge those things that we learned from school and parents. Thus it gives us the ability to interact with society.

  • Strength

We know that unity is strength. Education brings unity and makes us deal with every situation and obey all the regulations of the society. And an educated society solves any problem very easily than an uneducated society without doing any war.

  • Help Communities

Most of the educated person’s aim is to gain more knowledge and discuss that with an educated person. So, here education plays the role. It teaches us to help others and to learn from others. Thus, education helps to build a strong community.

  • Lead In the Right Direction

An educated person is very much necessary for society when sophistication attack society. In the past, society was full of sophistication but after some years when education raised its own voice, the ratio of sophistication is decreasing. Thus An educated individual can change society from wrong to right.

Importance Of Education For Country

A country is judged by its economy and education status. Education can make a country more wealthy because the more educated an individual is, the more he can earn. A nation is developing day by day just because of its technology and education.

  • Poverty

Due to a lack of education, many ones can’t get a good job and can’t get a good amount of salary. But education can take you to a good level where you can get a job and make your life happier. So, undoubtedly, education boosts your career most.

  • Choose Good Leader

Choosing the right leader for the country is very important. Every citizen is responsible to choose the right one. An educated person make them updated by reading newspapers daily. So, they know more about country trends and leader’s nature.

  • Health Consciousness

From reading books and newspapers daily, we get to know what would be good or bad for our health. Also, many diseases come suddenly which we get to know from the newspaper and get some solution for that. Here educated people are many steps ahead than uneducated people.

If You want to know more about importance of education you can watch the video below.

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