Essay On My Mother For Class 1-10

Limitless words can be written about mother. Isn’t it? You must have to agree with this. But in this essay on my mother, We will try to cover or define all the main statement which will define the meaning of the word Mother and how this word is involved with all the part of our life. Also, we will prove why it isn’t only a word.

Here, we will write an essay on my mother for class 1-10. we will divide the part and make a suitable copy for every class students.

50 Words Essay On My Mother

[ This Essay Is for Class 1,2,3,4 ] [Select Any One From Below 5]
  1. My mother is the most important person in my life. My life is imperfect without her and I can’t be happy without her. She is very caring about every member of the family. She wakes up very early and makes some breakfast for everyone. She makes me ready for school and also helps me to complete my homework. I love my mother very much.
  2. Mother is the best gift from God for a child. No love and kindness can defeat a mother’s love. She keeps everybody happy and she is the only reason for family unity. While Doing caring for others she forgets to care about herself. She sleeps very late and gets up very early to keep everybody happy. Nothing can be compared with her selfless love.
  3. The best example of selfless love is mother. She cares for everyone selflessly. She remains busy for the whole and does hard work to keep her family happy. She doesn’t even get any holiday. There is no love in the world which can be compared to her. I love my mother very much and wish she lives very long.
  4. Many people want a person to get inspiration from him/her. But for me, my mother is the most inspirational person. She always supports our work and sacrifice for our dream. When we think about giving up she inspires me to try again. She is always with me in every situation of my life.
  5. Every mother is the best in the world and my mother is one of them. She always sacrifices to make us happy. To make us happy she changes her whole habit. She sleeps late and wakes up very early just to prepare food for us. She is the best example of selfless love. I love my mother very much and wish she lives very long.

These 5 essays on my mother are for those students who are reading in class 1,2,3,4. You can also make a unique copy by rewriting them into a small one.

100 Words Essay On My Mother

This essay is for class 5

I have many favorite persons in my life. My mother is the best of them. Her sacrifices and caring force me to say her the best person in my life and world also. She is very hardworking and dedicated and thus she keeps our family happy.

She sleeps after we sleep and wakes up before we wake up. She manages all work and makes every member happy. My mother helps me to do homework and also teaches me. She makes very delicious food for us, prays for us and always tries to make us happy. I love my mother very much.

150 Words Essay On My Mother

This essay is for class 6

Mother means the most loving, caring person in our life. People sacrifices for themself to become successful, to make more money, to set up their career. But mother is the only person who sacrifices for their child in no return of anything. She works hard for us to make us happy, she takes care of our health but doesn’t take care of herself. She is the only reason that our family is being together.

She is a God-sent gift for me. She makes our all wishes true before we want that, but also guides us not to give the wrong things to us. She is a great example of care, love, sacrifices. I am inspired by her hard work. She sleeps after we sleep and also wakes up before us. Whenever I face any problem in my life, her smile and talks resolve all worries. I love my mother very much.

200 Words Essay On My Mother

This essay is for class 7

A best friend is a person who plays the role as we want. That best friend of my life is my mother. Whenever I find any difficulty in my life she plays the role of a friend, Whenever I face any problem in study, she plays the role of a teacher. Thus she plays the role of every character whenever I need anything. She is the most hard-working person I have seen in my family. She gets up before the sun rises and makes delicious dishes for us also make me ready for my school.

She is my first teacher in life. She teaches and helps me in every walk of my life. In that small age, I was not able to decide what was good and what was bad for me, but she always helps me to way out in any situation. She not only cares about myself but also takes care of the whole family. I sometimes become astonished that how she manages the whole family and how she keeps smiling after working morning to night. she sometimes doesn’t sleep if any member of our family falls sick and takes care of them. She is my inspiration and she always motivates me for my work.

Mother teaching child

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250 Words Essay on My Mother

This essay is for class 8

My mother is the world for me. Like we can’t exist or live without the world, similarly, I can’t live without her. My mother has helped me to grow up effectively. She also helped me to have a good character. She is the most trustworthy person in my life. She always helps me to make decisions for my life and also give solutions when I face any problem.

We have a happy family and My mother is the only person who makes it. Without her, no one can build a happy family. She always makes the right decision for the family and that decision helps the family to be together. I can say she is the decision taker of our family. She takes care of every family member and makes everyone happy. This is why everyone loves my mother for her kindness. She is a very hard-working person and she taught me hard-work brings success. She makes delicious food for us and she knows everyone’s choice. So, Everybody loves her dish. She always tries to give food at the right time, so that everybody will be healthy and strong.

She spends sleepless nights if any member of the family gets sick. She then takes proper care of them. In a word, she is the backbone of our family. She is the teacher who trains our family on how to stay healthy and she always tries to make healthy food. Thus, she makes a happy family where no one gets bored and everybody enjoys.

300 Words Essay on My Mother

This essay is for class 9

No word can replace the word “Mother”. Yes, No one can fill the lack of mother and that’s why mother is very special for every person. She is the only person who takes proper care of her child. She knows all the likes and dislikes of her child. She is the most hard-worker in our family. She wakes up very early and makes delicious food for us. As she knows all likes and dislikes, so she doesn’t need to ask anyone what to cook. She always tries her best to make us happy and thus she makes a happy family.

She is the backbone of our family. She teaches me all the good things from childhood. She always helps me in my bad situation and helps me to decide what to do. My mother always says to be kind, disciplined and trustworthy. As she always teaches me no matter if it is my school project or any good things, So she is the first and best teacher of my life. She sleeps after we all sleep and wakes up before we wake up. All the hard work that she does for us is only to build a happy family.

She is my strength as she always inspires me for my dream to come true. Sometimes I think how a human being can make so much sacrifice. And that inspires me to work harder towards my dream. My mother sometimes spends sleepless nights if any member of our family gets sick. She is the decision taker of our family as she never takes bad decisions. She convinces me calmly if I do any sin or any mistake. I became angry when she beat me for any reason and today I am thankful to her to make me a gudgeon. I love her so much.

500 Words Essay On My Mother

This essay is for class 10

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.” – Cardinal Mermillod


Mother is the person who can endure every pain for her child and family. She not only knows what is sacrifice, rather she proves it in every moment when her family is in crisis. To live in this beautiful world a person needs “ love, care, purpose, and wish”. My mother is the world to me because all those needs are fulfilled by her. She has struggled with her life for 10 months to show me the light of this beautiful earth. And after that, she has taken care only to hear “Maa or Mom” from my mouth. She doesn’t need any return of what she has done for me.

My mother is an example of love, care, truthfulness. She always supports me in my bad times if I fail in my goal. She motivates me to work harder. She is the best friend of my life. She helps me in my home-work as a teacher and plays with me as a friend. She is the decision taker of our family. No work can’t be completed without having any permission from my mother as all members know my mother is the best decision-maker. She knows all the likes and dislikes of our family members and does everything according to those.

She sleeps after all the members sleep and wake up very early. After waking up she makes delicious food for us. She sometimes spends sleepless nights if any members of the family get sick and take proper care of him/her. We have 6 members in our family, my father, mother, grandpa, grandma, sister and me. All these members love my mother most as she loves us selflessly and does care so much. She is the only reason that we have a happy family and We can smile all the time. Another part of her character is that she is very kind-hearted.  As she loves us, likewise she loves the stranger. Whenever any beggar comes to our home, she gives them food including their gift. Before they leave our house, they pray for our happiness with a smiling face. Thus, she keeps everyone happy.

My eyes fill with tears when I see many sons do injustice. Whenever their mother gets older, she becomes their burden. Even some selfish sons don’t hesitate a moment to send their mother to old age homes. The person who spends her whole life thinking about her child, she becomes a burden. This is a very pathetic scene for our society. The government should keep an eye on this pathetic matter.

I don’t know how they can be so cruel. I can never think of a moment without my mother. And I will be with my mother in her every situation as she was with me in my bad and good situation. I love my mother very much and may God keep her healthy and fit.

How to create your own essay

If you want to take create a unique essay and don’t want to take from above, then you can easily create your own by following bellow steps.

1. Create some introductory sentences about mother.

2. How she helped you from your birth till now.

3. Her caring and sacrificing for her family.

4. Her truthfulness and charitable mind.

5. Her role in your life.

6. How society behave with them? (Both good & bad).

7. You can use any quote to make it more attractive. 

With these following steps, you can make a unique essay on my mother for any class. You have to mention some sentences about each step mentioned above. Or if you don’t want to create your own then you can easily use those essays which we have written for you.

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